Weight Management

Many clients realize the difficulty to induce change by going on a diet to lose weight or wearing the patch to stop smoking. They realize the importance of using the power of hypnosis to control their “WON’T” power and utilize the “WILL” power of the mind with guided imagery and learning Self-Control through self-hypnosis.

By working with your inner-self and bringing awareness to your subconscious mind you are taught to control your conscious mind. You and others like you experience phobias or bad habits, have difficulty working with peers or bosses or fear flying, public speaking and procrastinate, just to name a few of the challenges IN YOUR LIFE that hypnosis can help.

If you are displeased with your body’s shape and size then hypnosis, along with proper nutrition and exercise, can assist you in reaching your goal and maintaining the new slim, trim, firm and fit YOU for a lifetime. The one-one- program is designed to educate, motivate and change eating and exercising habits and beliefs that have previously made success a challenge.

By altering your thinking patterns, you move in the direction of the new more dominant thought pattern and RESULTS follow. With repetition you modify your own mind continuing to make the right choices.

Consider this! How much will it COST you – health and happiness wise – if you do not commit to getting rid of that weight? What about your self esteem? Can you really put a price on these?

Dallas Morning News – Monday, April 23, 2007
Study: Long-term dieting doesn’t keep pounds off

Researchers at the University of California at Los Angeles examined 31 weight-loss studies and determined that long-term dieting doesn’t keep the pounds off. While people can lose weight initially, many relapse and regain the weight they shed. People who lose too much too soon don’t learn to make the overall lifestyle changes – eating healthier foods and exercising regularly – that are necessary to keep their weight stable, the researchers noted.