Medical – Pain Management

It’s safe and natural, utilizing the power of your SubConscious Mind to alleviate pain and help with the natural healing processes of your Mind/Body. Hypnosis uses the natural power of your mind to eliminate the sabotage of negative self talk while enhancing the desire and motivations for positive changes.

Hypnosis is considered to be Complementary (working with your Physician or Medical Care Provider) as opposed to Alternative Medicine (instead of).

There are many reasons and conditions a Physician may refer you for Hypnosis. The most common are Weight Reduction, Smoking Cessation and Stress Management. There are many other reasons as well. I encourage you to discuss Hypnosis with your Physician especially when considering a Weight Reduction Program. We want to work with your Physician in any way possible to assure your success. If you would like to have a form your Physician can use for referring you to the Heart of Texas Hypnosis and Wellness Center, please email me Info@HOThypnosis and put Physician Referral Form in the subject line.
Hypnosis (also sometimes called Guided imagery) is recommended by Physicians for many different types of uses. Did you know that Hypnosis was approved by the American Medical Association in 1985? It was! Did you know hypnosis is recommended by the American Cancer Society, The National Institute of Health and is used in many health care facilities around the world, including the Mayo Clinic? It is!